Wednesday, March 4, 2015

About my shoulder

So if you looked closely at my March resolutions, you may have deduced that my shoulder…saga…is still ongoing (since I resolved to get back to doing my prescribed physical therapy). My shoulder really doesn’t bother me in the normal course of life anymore, but 1) I still can’t swim butterfly, 2) I notice some areas of weakness in various yoga positions, and 3) it hurts to sleep on my stomach or side with my arm raised above shoulder height.

All of these were definitely made a bit worse by focusing so much last month on push-ups, a movement that happens to be the opposite of what I should be doing to fix this. (I knew that going in, but I couldn’t help it: I am obsessed with being able to do push-ups.)

Anyway, I’m planning to be really diligent and see if I can’t finally get this behind me—maybe while retaining some of my push-up strength if possible. It’s frustrating that this is taking so long to heal, but then I think back to when I couldn’t even raise my right arm over my head without pain, and I am grateful that I can at least swim (mostly) and do yoga again.

P.S. I threw neck exercises into the resolution, too, not because my neck is bothering me, but because Dan the Physical Therapist told me that’s the one body part that everyone should be stretching every day. Free advice.

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  1. Baby steps, Julie. At least you have decided to continue with your therapy. It is always advisable to have a routine like that going on, in addition to the check-ups and various healing methods you may explore, so that your body can adjust properly as you heal. Take care!

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr. Koziol