Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Minor work famine

I just finished the final copy edit of M.H.’s next book, Belief. This will be the sequel to Legitimacy, and if you liked Legitimacy, you should start getting very, very psyched, because Belief is coming out soon and will make you giddy with delight. I think it might be my favorite of M.H.’s books so far.

It’s been nice to have this book project to keep me busy, because work has been slow lately. I have one company (Grumpy) where I have to go to its website to see if any work is available. When it’s the slow season, as it is now, I open the window on my second monitor, set the site to auto-refresh every 11 seconds, and pounce like a starving cheetah whenever an assignment appears. Unfortunately, I’m competing with an unknown number of other starving cheetahs and don’t always get there first.

It’s not so bad when I have something productive to do on my main screen, like edit the next great American novel. Without it, though, I have to choose between sitting at my desk all day for the possibility of nabbing an hour or two of work versus getting up to do something productive around the house, which guarantees I won’t make any money.

What I probably need to do is convince myself that we are not going to go instantly broke and take advantage of these days off. They should balance out the 14-hour days I sometimes put in when I am busy, if I would just let them.

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