Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am trying with this “sunshine” theme, I really am. Yesterday afternoon it was very nearly hot out, so I sat outside in the sun to knit, until it got too windy. It looked like a thunderstorm was blowing in, and I got all excited that it was finally warm enough for that to happen. Then this morning I looked out the window and did a double-take: Turns out it was a snowstorm that was blowing in. Sure, Montana. Whatever you think is best.

I took my two days off from exercise and am much better except that I can still feel that twinge in my back. I’m hesitant to run intervals until it heals up, but I did an easy weight workout, am planning to swim tonight, and will hit the sauna.

I read something recently about sauna use being really good for you (can’t remember why off the top of my head) but I also have a theory that it should help with heat adaptation for the summer—if and when that ever occurs. I guess until these clouds clear off, a very hot room can be my poor substitute for sunshine.

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