Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The nine-minute-mile plan

I decided on a really simple strategy for working up to a nine-minute mile. Anytime I’m at the gym, I hop on a treadmill, warm up a bit, set it for 6.7 mph, and then run as long as I can. (When I say “can,” you should actually think something more along the lines of “want to.” Not trying to kill myself over this.) After that, I walk to recover for a while, and then I run a couple of faster, shorter intervals—something like 30 seconds at a seven-minute-mile pace with lots of recovery.

The only part I’m recording is how long I can run at 6.7 mph, but I figure the intervals that follow are the best way to get myself into shape and to make my goal pace feel pretty easy. I think they must be working, because they are a killer, especially when you consider that the whole workout is over in 10 to 15 minutes.

So far I’ve run at that nine-minute-mile pace for 1:30 (April 2), 1:40 (April 3), 2:00 (April 6), and 2:10 (today). And I’m just ridiculously excited about the line graph I’m going to make in Excel when the month is over, so start getting psyched.

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