Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The joy of creation

They aren’t much, and off the top of my head I can’t even remember what they are called, but LOOK! Some cute little flowers sproinged out of my landscaping project!

Something got me started Googling knitting techniques yesterday, and now my head is buzzing with ideas about what I want to make next. The hard part for me is settling down and actually doing one of them.

Here’s how it usually goes: I come up with a reasonable, easy project that uses yarn I already own (which is quite a bit) and is within my capabilities. So far so good. But immediately after deciding on something, I start thinking of ways I could improve it. The Internet is a gold mine of knitting ideas, so I find something that’s a little bit cooler, and something that’s a little bit cooler than that, and the next thing I know I’m contemplating creating some impossible work of art or magic that is way beyond my knitting skills, requires me to buy even more yarn, and possibly has never been attempted before.

I tell myself that the problem is if I’m going to spend a million hours on a project, I really want to love it for the whole million hours. But my real problem is that deciding what to knit is a lot more fun for me than actually knitting it. Which is how I ended up with so much yarn.

I was the same way (to bring this back around to gardening) with bulb buying last fall. Do you know how many different sizes, shapes, and colors of iris there are? But at least then the changing of the seasons imposed a firm deadline on my shenanigans.

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