Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Food, Inc."

My son and I watched the first half of the "Food, Inc." documentary on Netflix last night—his idea, not mine. Before it started, I told him, "Now, look. They're probably going to say some bad things about ground beef. I want you to know that Dad and I always get organic, so it probably doesn't apply to the beef we eat."

Good disclaimer, me! They said some horrifying things about ground beef. So horrifying that I'm not sure buying organic is good enough, since I still don't really know anything about where it comes from. I'm seriously considering buying half a cow from my husband's uncle, who is a small rancher here in Montana, even though it's really expensive upfront, and it also means we would also have to buy a freezer to keep all the meat in.

I have another problem, too. We don't buy organic chicken (YET), and now I'm not sure I can eat what's sitting in our freezer.

I don't want to scare you out of watching it. It's gross, but not in a terribly graphic way. You'd be almost as disgusted if you just read the transcript. But it's really, really important stuff. I mean, this is what we eat. We should be up in arms about what's been happening, but at the very least, everyone can educate themselves and vote with their checkbooks.


  1. Thanks. I had heard of the movie but never seen it, but now I've read the transcript.

  2. It really is a great documentary! I love when they go through the design of a grocery store. And yeah, they really open your eyes on how we have no idea where our food comes from, organic or not.