Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas card dilemma

Now that I'm well enough to type, and presumably well enough to piece together a coherent sentence, it's time to write the annual Christmas newsletter. But I'm in a quandary. My husband and kids don't even like to be mentioned in the thing, and really my only news for the year is the Ironman. Any ideas on how to twist a 16:34 Ironman finish into a heartwarming Christmas message from the whole family?

Dear loved ones, enjoy this tale of the year I abandoned my children and spent hundreds of dollars on myself in order to improve the appearance of my knees, prove how cool I am, and secure an amazing picture of me me me ME MEEEEE!

Okay, now I'm really laughing, because the linked-to post already declares that the finish-line photo is "going on the Christmas cards this year for sure!"

Guess I set myself up for a Very Narcissistic Christmas from the start, eh?

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