Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something tells me I'm getting predictable

So I was telling my 13-year-old about this video I watched today:

"It's a talk given by this woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which is an incurable disease. It makes your brain shrink and messes up your balance and motor control. She was taking the medicine for it and everything, but she just kept getting worse and worse, and pretty soon she couldn't even sit up in a normal chair but had to use in a special reclining chair. But this woman is also a doctor, so she did a bunch of research and found out about some vitamins that might help her, and they did slow down the disease but didn't stop it. So then—"

"Let me guess. She started eating Paleo and now she's cured."

Well…smarty pants…actually, yeah. But it's still pretty amazing. The great thing is she's now involved in clinical studies that will help see if her experience might help others as well. I linked to the video at right under "We have a choice."


  1. I knew where that was going, too, but it is an interesting video!

  2. That's pretty exciting news! It would be great to get rid of MS through a change in diet!

  3. Not to be dumb or anything, but how do you view this video?

  4. Did the link to the right not work on your computer? You can also find it by searching on YouTube for Dr. Terry Wahls.