Thursday, August 11, 2011

What it takes to get me to the gym

A month and a half now since the race, and I've done next to nothing. Worse, I'm feeling fat but in no mood to step on a scale and find how how fat. Worse than worse, my butt's been in a chair for almost two weeks straight, including weekends, as I desperately try to keep up with the deluge of work that's deluging in.

Does any of that ever get me to the gym once in a while, just so I can get out of the house and feel a bit better about my life? Of course not.

What got me to the gym was realizing, after finishing a project, that "Project Runway" was going to be on in 10 minutes, and that even without a car I could probably run there in time to watch it on the treadmill. (We don't have cable. We do have a car, but it's elsewhere.)

I was dressed in running clothes, out the door, and to the gym (three-quarters of a mile away) in 12 minutes flat. The show was in commercials, but when it finally came back on, it was two-thirds over, having actually started at 7, not 8.

I just went home. I have work to do. But at least I can say I left the house today. Plus I probably got almost two miles in, parts of it fast and foolishly optimistic.

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  1. it's got to be HARD getting back in the mood to work out after tackling something that was so all consuming. Be kind to yourself - you probably needed the break...