Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dipping my toe in

This is how I know I'm on to something:

A couple of times in the past few days I've eaten a totally Paleo meal, like a salad, or scrambled eggs with vegetables. Within an hour, I get hungry again, and my body starts suggesting, "Popcorn? Ice cream? Tasty, tasty, tortilla??"

Okay. So now that I've confirmed a severe physiological addiction to carbs, how do I actually get through the day without going all toast-happy? Keep in mind that I want to ease into these waters, not dive in.


  1. If you're easing in and still eating dairy, nonfat Greek yogurt (with fresh fruit - carbs!) and those lowish-fat mozzarella sticks like little kids eat are 2 standbys for me. The Kashi Golean hot cereal is tolerable (none of their cereals are delicious), 150 calories in a packet rather like regular instant oatmeal but with 9 grams of protein. Are you eating avocados? I find them good too, put them with the eggs or the chicken breast or whatever and it makes the whole thing more satisfying...

  2. Nuts and cheese. I ate waaaaaay more of that when one doctor temporarily had me cut down on carbs.

  3. BIG key to lowering carbs is to add in GOOD fats. Think avocado, olive oil, nuts (tho sparingly if you're trying to lose weight!), a sprinkle of cheese on top.

    BeWARE low-fat! Often it has added sugar in place of the removed fat.

    Fwiw, when you're hungry ... think of broccoli ... if it doesn't sound AWESOME? You aren't really hungry. Truth!