Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The taste of cold turkey

I know from experience that moderation is not really my thing. Sometimes I think my life would be better if I could make it my thing, but on the other hand, moderation isn't what got me to the finish line of an Ironman.

Anyway, "easing" into primal eating is really not happening. I wake up with great intentions, and by noon I have a handful of Pringles in my mouth. (Pride forces me to note that we normally don't keep crap like Pringles around the house, but they are here now, them and a lot of cake.)

So I was thinking maybe I need to go cold turkey on this 30-day challenge. I realized that, conveniently, September hath 30 days, and doesn't have any birthdays or holidays in it. Plus, with school starting tomorrow, we'll probably be in a bit of a routine by then and stop spontaneously going out for ice cream every other day. So maybe I will dedicate September to a little experiment.

Or maybe I will chicken out. Not sure yet. This would not be easy. Anybody want to try it with me?


  1. Coming from the girl who just ate a tortilla rolled up with melted cheese and way too many cookies today, I just might be willing to try this out with you...

  2. I would like to try but I honestly have no idea how I'd put these meals together. Have you seen any sample meal plans? Thoughts on how you're supposed to get calcium in your diet or have enough carbs to run longer distances?

  3. Bobbi, I know, and my eating just gets worse as the day goes on!

    Diana, I'm still figuring out what kind of meals I can make. (I'm way too picky for this and will probably have to get over it at some point.) But I was thinking for starters, I could do stew, tons of salads, egg dishes, and just your basic slab of meat on a plate with vegetable side dishes.

    As far as calcium, I already take supplements, and I know greens have a lot of calcium as well.

    For distance running, I'm not sure. Fruits and veggies obviously are carbs, but the convenience issue is daunting. I read the blog of one die-hard Paleo eater who is planning to fuel her Ironman training primarily with bananas. I know a lot of triathletes eat this way, so it must be do-able.