Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stats you were just dying to hear

Okay. Time to add up the walking/running miles for January: 39.5. 39.5!? That is not the mileage number of someone who is on track to make it to 1,000. (I know, because my mother hit 90, which is that kind of number.) Well, my owwie is starting to feel better, so I guess it's not too late to step it up.

Wonder if I could do 90 in February? We do have that extra day this year.

Other stats:

  • Words memorized: around 500-600 (goal: 10,000, but if I stay on track with my group, I will consider this a success)
  • eBay items sold: 7 (goal: 100) 
  • Pounds lost (from previous low of 169): 4 (goal: 10)
  • Children's books written: 0 (goal: 1)

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