Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I might start making caramelized onions every day

We were making hamburgers for dinner, and I decided caramelized onions sounded really good and decided to throw some on the stove. But, because I've not had much success in the past in actually getting onions to caramelize, I looked up the recipe in my Joy of Cooking first.

Well, who knew! The problem is you can't just "throw on" some onions while the hamburgers are already cooking. They have to saute over very low heat for, like, an hour. So for dinner, I had to settle for just a lovely onion-y smell with my hamburger (bunless, naturally), but about a half-hour after that, I deemed them done and tried some.

Holy tasties*. They were so good. I could have eaten the entire onion's worth in about three bites. But Dex really liked them, too, so I saved him some for later (he wasn't really hungry anymore). Even Mik liked them okay (and was shocked to find out later that they were onions, even though I had used the phrase "caramelized onions" and had gotten up to stir them approximately four hundred times at dinner).

I'm in a good mood because M.H.'s long, painful ordeal with his book formatter seems to be nearly at an end, and his book will be available in paperback really soon. YAY!

* Mik's expression, but I think I'm going to start using it uncredited, since I gave him life.

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  1. Problem is it takes like a whole onion to make a good mouthfull of carmelized onion, but you are right, it is worth it.