Sunday, April 15, 2012

A weekend without ambition

On Friday, I finished up ALL the work on my plate (and nothing new came in), so I've been free as a bird. Here's what I did:

  • Went to an art museum and discovered the WONDER that is art quilting.
  • Played four games of Risk with Mik.
  • Helped M.H. get the print version of his book finished and uploaded. (It's so pretty! He's now just waiting for the proof copy to be mailed before making it available on Amazon.)
  • Took Dex out to lunch.
  • Went to yoga.
  • Made two batches of nut-based chocolate-chip cookies.
  • Took a two-hour bath while finishing the Hunger Games trilogy.
  • Etc.

You might think that I think that I should have listed a bunch of stuff on eBay or started outlining my own book or walked eight miles a day. If you think that I think that, then I think you know me well. But this time I actually relished the chance to have a complete break. Just keeping you on your toes with my wild unpredictability.

P.S. An imaginary friend of mine read Rhubarb and praised it on her blog. It's just downright cool to hear kind words from someone who's an accomplished novelist herself. All this makes me want to get to work on writing something of my own. (Kind of like visiting the art museum made me want to buy a sewing machine and start quilting my little heart out.)

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  1. Read the blog review - WOW! I'm only on chapter 6, I was reading it on the ferry ride. I'm really enjoying it!!!!!

    BTW, a quilting sewing machine is like a regular sewing machine the way a restaurant flat top is like a counter top grill.