Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mad skills

I've been working hard on two things lately: walking and chocolate-chip cookies.

The walking is because, even though I'm so far behind that the goal is in danger of slipping out of reach, I really do want to hit 1,000 miles this year. The weather has warmed up some, and it's getting easier to get outside with my husband to take our regular stroll. ("Regular" except that now I'm accutely aware that the stroll is 3.1 miles, and that I need to average 3.5 miles a day.) But I've been walking so much that I've noticed that I'm starting to feel stronger as a walker, if that makes any sense—just that it went from easy to easier, and I have some extra leg muscles.

The chocolate-chip cookies (nut-based, of course) are something I've been tinkering with. I honestly feel like they are a force for good in our lives, because (a) they keep me from helping myself to whatever processed treats I find lying around the rest of the world, (b) they are fun to experiment with, and (c) I would honestly rather have the kids snacking on them than on Frosted Mini Wheats. Also…ridiculously delicious. I'll post a recipe when I get them ready for prime time.

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  1. OK, but hurry! I want that recipe!