Monday, April 23, 2012

Filling the fridge

Starting tomorrow, I've got a huge work week ahead of me. At times like this, I generally rely on M.H. to bring food and tea to my desk so I can crank out inhuman amounts of editing, and in the past we've stocked up on frozen pizzas, taquitos, and tortellini from Costco to make it easier on him. Now, of course, he spends hours in the kitchen chopping up meat and fresh veggies to make tasty Paleo meals instead.

Just kidding!

No, we got smart and spent a couple of hours last night making several days' worth of meals. We cooked a huge pot of chili, a double batch of Paleo Pad Thai, some turkey breakfast sausage, and a mess of caramelized onions (OMG, guess which one took the longest???). We also washed and chopped some fruit and hard-boiled a bunch of eggs. That ought to get us through Friday without doing any cooking to speak of.

Except for the kids. Someone will still have to feed them something, probably.

P.S. News! The proof copy of Rhubarb finally arrived today. It arrived right as M.H. had to run Mik off to swim practice, so I've only spent about 10 seconds with it, but it sure does look pretty. I'm looking forward to him getting it onto Amazon so our Kindleless friends and relatives can finally read it.

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  1. We are so anxious to read that book!

    What's the big job?