Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunshine, shopping, and progress

On the last full day of school, my husband and I decided to blow off work in the morning and walk a 3½-mile stretch of bike trail through the middle of town. It conveniently took us to an area with restaurants, so we had lunch before walking back to our car. Then we went shopping at the Goodwill-type store we like and bought $70 worth of $3 and $4 shirts and stuff.

It was nice to do something completely different. It reminds me of why we quit our jobs and moved to Montana in the first place—for the freedom! That and, M.H. would add, to write novels that earn passive income while we're basking in the sunshine. (Even if the passive income is only like $4 a day right now.)

My awesome morning helped me simmer down about the schools and their sugar, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to distribute some kind of letter about it still. I'm thinking maybe instead of teachers and principals, I'll send it to the newspaper, where it might possibly spark some kind of citywide discussion, which would be great. Because it's really out of hand. Mik was offered three treats on Friday, three on Tuesday, one Wednesday, one Thursday, and there's at least one planned for tomorrow. (Before that, I wasn't keeping track.)

I really sympathize with how challenging eating Paleo has been for him, but I'm so pleased with how it's going so far. The stomach problems have disappeared, and he already looks like he's slimming down. He seems much more energetic (we've been treated to some awesome dance moves). He also says he feels stronger at swim practice, which the coaches noticed, too. He's been telling kids at school that wheat is bad for you (which I guess provoked some sort of uproar in the lunch room, with a group of kids chanting, "Wheat is heal-thy!" which I find hilarious). And get this: Today I made him a stir fry of bacon, broccoli, and carrots, and he devoured it and asked for seconds. Those are three foods he already liked, but he ate them in a slightly different form and mixed together. That's huge for a picky eater.

Update: Four treats on Friday. He and I had decided it should be a cheat day, and he got sick again that night.

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