Monday, May 7, 2012

The keys to writing

I don't want to get into a fight about semantics here, but I am not a real blogger.

If I was a real blogger, I would have contests and sponsored content. I would have little ads on my site and worry about hits. I would have weekly "Wordless Wednesday" or "Three Things Thursday" posts. If I had not blogged in more than a few days, I would apologize for having "gone dark." I would take part in blogging "awards" that require you to answer fifty questions about yourself and similarly bestow six other bloggers.

Oh, out with it already, "Ironmom." What I'm trying to say is I did a real-blogger-like thing yesterday and submitted a guest post to someone else's blog. I'll link to it when it goes up tomorrow, but for right now I'll just tell you I'm very pleased that I was able to write something that I felt was good enough for a wider audience to see.

It was really the perfect writing formula: I had a restriction on the format, a prompt as to the topic, and a deadline. In fact, I've been thinking those are the exact three things I need in order to write that children's book I've been talking about. I already have thoughts on the format and the deadline. Anybody want to provide a writing prompt?


  1. The best children's books are about intrepid orphans.

  2. That's why I pay good money for your advice.

  3. Christian has been telling K these really wonderful stories every night about a bird named Moe and his master. I keep thinking they really should be written down. (Perfected and written down, that is.) Maybe a team project?

  4. An intrepid orphan bird named Moe?

  5. He's not an orphan, he has the master! He's a very kind and funny bird, devoted to his master. He often makes mistakes. We'll conference you in at bedtime sometime. I love Moe.