Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Food diary

I started eating strictly Paleo again on May 1, and other than a tiny internal tantrum when everyone else was eating rhubarb pie at the Rhubarb party and I couldn't try it, I've been feeling really good. I am having minor breakthroughs in yoga, and I seem to have a lot of energy, despite spending all the rest of my time in The Chair, working. (It's good, because 100% Paleo means tons of cooking, and I need strength for ALL THAT CHOPPING.)

I thought it might be interesting to record a week's worth of meals (or maybe more), and if you find that in any way helpful, you can see the running food diary over to the right, under "A week of eating Paleo." I'm just trying to get a sense of the variety I eat, plus I'm recording mealtimes, since I'm shooting for a fourteen- to sixteen-hour nightly fast. So, you know, check back around 6 p.m. Mountain time for the riveting saga of What I Had for Dinner on Wednesday!

There's one other strange Paleo-related thing that I keep meaning to mention. You know how when your foot falls asleep, you get pins and needles while it's waking up? Well, I realized that since going mostly Paleo, that doesn't happen to me any more. Body parts still fall asleep, but then they come back to normal with no pain. And this has been going on, I think, since I first started eating this way last fall. What does it mean?!?

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