Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paleo for the picky eater

I've learned that the book-indexing project is more urgent than I had assumed, so I've been working nonstop all this weekend—well, with breaks for church, yoga, and to make Mik repeats of all of yesterday's meals. I feel like the kid's personal chef, but I am not complaining. And he hasn't complained a peep either, even though his diet has been completely turned upside-down. We both think it's much, much better than taking him to a doctor.

Here are my ideas for additional Mik-friendly Paleo dishes:

  • Meatballs; i.e., hamburgers in a different shape. If he ever masters eating those, I might try putting garlic or eggs or almond flour in them.
  • Mashed potatoes; i.e., hasbrowns in a different shape. The plus there is I should be able to slip in garlic and almond milk, at least.
  • Nothing soup; i.e., warmed beef broth. He might let me put broccoli in it, but I don't have high hopes.
  • Paleo Pad Thai without the eggs and chicken. He's tried this before and turned up his nose, but it's really, really good, and I think he should try again, don't you? Maybe with some honey in the sauce?
  • Cucumbers. He doesn't actually like them but has eaten them frequently in the past when forced to.
  • Caramelized onions. He ate one the first time I made them and did not make a face. (Or realize he was eating an onion.)
  • White "bread." I already tried and failed to feed him this one, but I think I overcooked it and want to try again.
  • French toast pancakes. These are mostly cream cheese. (Did I mention I'm letting him eat cheese? That's for both our sanity.) What's not to like?
  • Coconut milk strawberry ice cream. Pretty sure I'm deluding myself, but if he doesn't eat it, then I'll get to.

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  1. There are no other meats he will eat? Ham? Roast beef? What about sausage? Salami? Or other veggies, peppers? Carrots? Or maybe smoothies? Anyhow, hope he feels better soon. It will be good for him to broaden his tastes a bit regardless.