Saturday, May 26, 2012

One more going Paleo

Mik has been having weird stomach pains (which he describes as like severe hunger) with nausea off and on for a while. And after an episode that kept us all up until after midnight last night, I started getting serious about trying to figure out what might be wrong with him. I was horrified to see that his symptoms match those of a peptic ulcer!

I told him he could either go to the doctor—and endure some rather unpleasant diagnostic tests, which I did not even mention—or try eating Paleo for two weeks to see if that helps. (I knew he'd choose the Paleo, but, see, I wanted him to own that decision. Sometimes I am clever.)

I honestly think this is the best possible thing for him, since I am not a fan of antibiotics and I've heard they don't always completely eliminate the H. pylori anyway. Much better to starve them into submission by cutting off their supply of sugar and flour—which this child certainly consumes a ton of. I'm hoping he'll be feeling so strong by the end of two weeks that he'll never want to go back to it.

I'm also hoping for some inspiration (or brilliant suggestions) about what to feed him. Today he's had hashbrowns, bacon, berries, grapes, a smoothie, iceberg lettuce, bacon burger sliders on toothpicks, and roasted cauliflower. And an antacid. I can think of only two other Paleo-safe foods he will currently eat (carrots and broccoli). But I've promised him that I would keep him well fed for the next two weeks, so if it has to be hamburgers and hashbrowns every day, then so be it. Maybe if I can move him from sliders to meatballs, I could sneak in an egg or something.

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