Saturday, May 30, 2015

An idea about ideas

I don’t know who this guy is or how I even found this post today, but it gave me a terrific idea for next month’s rule. For 10 seconds I congratulated myself on being sooo proactive, but then I realized that May is basically over (ALREADY?) and it’s probably past time to give some thought to next month’s resolutions.

I already have the Eight-Week Shoulder Healing Extravaganza going on, but even though that involves a lot of rules, they’re not official rules (for GREAT purposes) in my mind. Maybe so I don’t try to take on too much new stuff in June, though, I’ll lump that whole thing under the category of “Happy shoulders” and call it my theme. I don’t know if my shoulders feel happy yet. (They have been doing a lot of new popping and crackling lately, but since I have no idea what that signifies, I’m choosing to believe it’s the sound of progress.)

Speaking of themes, my “Miracle Mornings” in May kind of sucked. The morning routine I seem to have settled on is checking Facebook and Twitter on my phone before getting out of bed, emptying the dishwasher, making some tea, doing a super-short strength workout, and then getting showered and dressed and sitting down to work. I thought the phone thing might at least stop me from immediately checking Facebook and Twitter again on my computer, but not usually.

I did look a little deeper into the official “Miracle Morning” guy and found out that he is very big on affirmations. He likes the format “I am committed to ____ so that I can ____ by ____” (e.g., I am committed to writing 500 words every day so that I can write my first book at some point before I die”). LOL

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