Monday, November 5, 2012

A habit half-kicked

So now that the Halloween candy is…actually, I'm not sure what happened to it. I can only assume M.H. hid it from me and is planning to eat it all himself. I'm the one who started the whole being-sneaky-about-the-candy thing, so I'm not pointing fingers. But the point is, now that the Halloween candy is out of sight, it feels like I do have the sugar issue under control after all. I'm happily eating my asparagus and salads and chili and eggs and avocados and whatnot, and I have no serious desire to hunt down the bag of leftover candy and make it mysteriously disappear.*

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my craving for sugar is no longer physical but psychological. So at least the habit is half-kicked. If people would just keep it away from me, I'd be fine.

You hear that, people? Keep that crap away from me. And don't tell me you're keeping it away from me, just hide it when you see me coming. For real.

* Into my mouth.

The addict on her photo shoot.


  1. Sugar is addictive. We have to keep it out of the house. Actually, we have to keep a lot of different foods out of the house (out of sight) because Uncle C tends to eat it too much (all) if he finds it. We are wired from birth to like sweet (Mother's milk is sweet) so...

  2. Right-o. It drives me insane that I apparently can't do moderation, but there it is. Very hard to eat small amounts of the stuff. Better almost always to eat none at all.