Monday, November 12, 2012

Car trouble

I drove Dex 150 miles to Bozeman on Saturday for a climbing comp, and while I was getting us lunch, I locked myself out of the minivan. It cost me $40 to get back in, but I wasn't really upset about it, because of course there are a lot worse things that can happen when you're traveling.

On Sunday, we took the van 50 miles in the other direction for Day 2 of Mik's swim meet in Hardin. Just as we got back into town it started coughing and stalling and lurching, and now it's at the shop and we're discussing for the upteenth time whether it's worth repairing or if we should just buy a new car.

I know there are still a lot worse things that can happen when you're traveling, but I would really prefer that the downward spiral just stop right there.

Actually, this weekend was terrific otherwise, but I'm too exhausted to write about everything. If you're interested in my children's athletic triumphs, go ahead and give them a call, why don't you?

The young superstars.

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  1. Miss Julie... contact me, as I would like to send you the card you won on my blog {}... sorry about that car stuff... I don't like that kind of trouble at all, myself! Thanks much girl, have a great day!