Friday, November 16, 2012


My mom always hosts Thanksgiving, so I've never had to deal with turkey guts or gravy lumps or had to try to get 15 things on the table all at once or any of that nonsense. It's great. But I do like to contribute something beyond just stirring whatever she tells me to stir and saying grace. But what could it be this year?

Turkey is out, obviously. Potatoes have to be finished at her house, and she'd have them peeled and ready to go by the time we got there anyway. Rolls are pure evil and I want no part of them. The relish tray is better done by her (trust me) and can also be done in advance. The cranberry sauce is just the canned stuff, because that's what Grandma likes, and it's pointless to have two kinds. I mentioned asparagus, and my dad made his "you disgust me with your continued insistence on healthy eating" face.

Well, I thought, I could bring desserts! I have about a hundred Paleo dessert recipes bookmarked, and I've hardly gotten to try any of them. Less-bad-for-you indulgences! My mind started clicking.

"Now, wait a minute," my dad said suspiciously. "When you say 'dessert'…are you talking about something somebody else might actually want to eat?"

"Oh, I think I'd better at least make a pie," my mom added. (Which actually, when translated, means, "I'd better make three or four kinds of pie.")

Oh, well. What can you do? I'll show up on Thursday with a heart full of gratitude—along with some asparagus and several dubious-looking desserts—and let the chips fall where they may. And I might even have some pie.


  1. I like brussel sprouts lightly grilled in coconut oil with garlic. We have that every Thanksgiving. But your asparagus sounds lovely too.

    We had one Thanksgiving where there were 2 kinds of cranberry, canned and homemade. And even though people said they wanted the canned, the homemade was gone by the end of the dinner; the canned was only used in sandwiches later and with disappointment that the "good" cranberries were gone. If you want not canned cranberries, go for it...that's all we do now.

    I would just ignore your dad, he'll have enough food to eat and he'll survive. Who knows, maybe there will be something that he actually likes. Oops, I forgot who I was talking about.

  2. Too funny what your dad said! You must let us know what you end up making. I have been interested in the idea of a paleo diet. Have you been following a paleo diet regularly?

    1. Yes, for about a year. I'm not an expert, but I highly recommend at least trying it!