Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Aquafoot running

I put on running clothes and stepped out the front door again—have I mentioned how very much that is the hard part?—and had a lovely run. A bit farther than last time. Maybe two miles?

So I've been reading a lot about the benefits of barefoot running but have not actually tried it except on a treadmill for a short time a few times a long time ago. The problem is that spending a bunch of money on fancy "barefoot" shoes has seemed insane, especially when I still own TWO pairs of fancy "running" shoes with less than 50 miles on them. (Running with actually-bare feet also seems insane. And chilly.)

But I remembered reading a suggestion somewhere to just buy aqua shoes, which have tough soles, traction, and full coverage, but no unnecessary support. I already have a pair of those, so I slipped them on and took off. And it was good! Nothing hurt, and my feet felt so wonderfully free and wiggly. I've always loved going barefoot, so barring any pain from this, I'm going to try it for a while.

A little too excited about wiggly toes?

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