Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This is what I get for focusing

I woke up feeling more focused and responsible, and as it occurred to me that I've been around a lot of sick people lately, so maybe all that restless rambling was the effects of a virus and not a midlife crisis after all.

Good, because it's been really nice outside, I have quite a bit of work to catch up on, the kids need attention, M.H.'s book ain't gonna edit itself, we have to cook if we want to eat Paleo, and I'd really like to get back into the swing of going to the gym every day. But this morning I decided to swim with the GATORS and this happened:


The story: Okay, so there's a new guy who doesn't circle swim in a way (to phrase it as accurately as possible) that's predictable to me. We were swimming a timed 500, and I was determined to break 7:30. About halfway through—with too much focus now, I suppose—I tried to pass him rather aggressively on a turn and instead got a chest full of fingernail. Fortunately, it didn't hurt either of us (mine looks worse than it feels). And I had time to apologize profusely and still swim a 7:22, so that was good.

Next goal: Break 7 minutes without trying to kill my friendly lanemates.

Note to self: Dig out some higher-neckline shirts so M.H. doesn't have to think about whether other people are thinking about whether I am a victim of spousal abuse.


  1. Good swimming! Hmmm, my shins were so scraped up after the Tough Mudder that the boxing teacher in class the next week thought I must have gotten in a bar fight!

  2. A new lane-mate that you do find predictable might be good too.

    Good swim though.

    1. Yeah, I'm torn about whose fault it was. If he swam like other swimmers, it wouldn't have happened. If I'd remembered that he was new and been more cautious, it wouldn't have happened.