Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Running errands

I said out loud to myself yesterday, “I am never going to actually get my bike out and ride it, am I?” And Mik overheard me and said, “But I want to go for a bike ride with you tonight.”

So obviously I got my bike out, dusted it off, inflated the tires, had my “mechanic” put the chain on for me, and went for an actual stinking bike ride. We did not go far, but it was fun, and we spent the whole time talking about how we would conquer the Molt hill this summer so Mik could train for his triathlon. (I’ve mostly given up on the idea of doing the race myself, but we’ll see.)

Then today I was so inspired by my excellent progress that I got up and did February’s errand, too, which was applying for a passport. Easy peasy. Road trip to Canada in four to eight weeks!


  1. Oh?! You're coming to Nova Scotia? How awesome! ;)

    1. That would be an AMAZING road trip!

      Should have specified Alberta. But probably not really.