Sunday, May 31, 2015

Habits to keep on with

May’s resolutions were a particularly good bunch—seriously, you should try the arm-hang thing and see how long you can do it. I did not meet my goal of 60 seconds, but was able to vastly improve my time to *cough, cough* 17 seconds. That’s still sad, I know. But it’s something I think I’ll keep working on, since I have the pull-up bar right there within view of my desk all day long.

The errands this month were really satisfying to do, and I liked the affirmation a lot. My rule was that I was going to lift weights three days a week, but I actually ended up lifting weights every day as part of my little morning routine. I took a training program that had two long workouts and broke each one up into three parts. Then I cycled through doing those smaller parts. I found that it’s so much easier for me to carve out 10 or 20 minutes every day than to face a 30- to 40-minute workout three times a week.

That’s another habit I’m going to stick with, at least until I get my shoulders healed and go back to using my gym membership again.

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