Thursday, December 3, 2015

Conversation this morning

M.H.: Look, the sun came up. Shouldn’t you be standing in a sunbeam or something? Isn’t that your New Life Plan?
Me: No, my New Life Plan is to be a ray of sunshine to the people around me.
M.H.: [bursts out laughing] Well, that’s what you’ll tell people on your blog, but I know the truth.
Now, I think my beloved was commenting on my penchant for sunny windows more than my capacity to bring joy to others, so maybe that wasn’t as harsh as it sounds. Still, now I want to get out into the world and prove him wrong.

I think I’m already a pretty nice person, but just for this month I want to try being one of those people whose niceness blows you away just a little bit. And to somehow do that in a way that’s ME and not fake. Pondering…

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