Monday, December 28, 2015

Looking back

I decided to look over my GREAT (goal, rule, errand, affirmation, theme) resolutions for 2015 to see how many of them I actually kept and whether I was still keeping any of them by accident. The answer to the first question is “a lot, but not as many as you would hope,” and the answer to the second question is “I WELCOME THE CHANGING OF THE SEASONS.”

Interestingly—since it got thrown into the mix only because I couldn’t think of anything better that started with E—my monthly errands ended up being some of the most satisfying things I did all year. It was good to knock things off the to-do list way in the back of my mind—“I should really get a passport someday,” “I should really take care of that box of junk someday,” “I should really print those pictures someday.”

The obvious but unexpectedly nice thing about an errand is that once it’s done, it stays done—unlike, say, “be able to do 10 push-ups.” I could do 10 push-ups on February 28, but I can’t do any now, so what was the point? (Especially since that goal turned out to be especially bad for my shoulder.) By contrast, I enjoy my purged and organized kitchen on a daily basis.

Just some more food for 2016 thought.

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