Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GREAT resolutions for December

Can I get a WOO-HOO for giant work project number two being done? Or just a WHEW? Wait, I have it:


I’m actually relieved that I saved giant work project number three for December—because, (a), it would have killed me to get it done any sooner and, (b), it gives me something to work on for the next few weeks, which might otherwise be a little quiet. (And we all know what a quiet, uneventful month December can be, the voice in her head sighed in disbelief.)

Anyway, I’m feeling chipper today, but hopefully not so chipper that I’ve set a bunch of unrealistic resolutions for the month. Here they are:
  • Goal: Listen through the backlog of Selected Shorts podcasts on my phone. 
  • Rule: Do something healthy for my shoulder (stretching, strengthening, other rehab?) every day.
  • Errand: Print/frame/deliver all the photos I need to deal with (mostly Dex’s senior pictures).
  • Affirmation: Enjoy the process.
  • Theme: Ray of sunshine!
More about these some other time.

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