Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A worksheet for 2016

Here’s my big, sweeping, overarching plan for how to have a healthier, more productive, more joy-filled life in 2016:
  • Stick to a diet that helps me lose fat—for sure going back on AltShift as of Jan. 1
  • Exercise in a way that makes me happy and strong—walking, yoga, lifting weights, shoulder rehab, spend less time sitting, getting outside
  • Minimize digital distractions and maximize human interactions (or actually optimize human interactions, since actually maximizing them would probably make me miserable)
  • Work efficiently and with focus, to preserve my free time
  • Go back to memorizing scripture—maybe try again on the book of John?
  • Keep the house the way I want it—cleaner and cozier, get rid of the rest of the junk, more cooking and family meals
And here’s what I’ve learned about resolutions, at least for myself:
  • They will work for a while, but there’s a huge danger that I’ll get bored with them.
  • If I can do those first two things on the list (diet and exercise), I’ll feel much better and have a much better chance of being able to stick to the rest of my plan.
  • My monthly GREAT resolutions need to tie directly to one of these overarching goals that I really want to do, because my attention span isn’t long enough to stick to something that I only sort of want to do.
  • I need some self-control to get started, but what I really need to keep going is inspiration. So I need to remember to actively seek out inspiration.
I expect that lots of random bold words will help, too. :)

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