Monday, September 23, 2019

Panic response

Monday: 35 minutes sitting

I was happy with my extension to 35 minutes, except that 20 minutes in, my phone gave half a ring and nearly startled me to death. I had Do Not Disturb turned on (I had forgotten to also turn on airplane mode) so I knew it was a call from one of my nearest and dearest, and I literally lunged for it before realizing they had already hung up. Not so mindful of me, but then again the little break/movement/heart attack midway through mostly kept my legs from falling asleep. :)


I wrote that first paragraph sort of judging/laughing at myself—and I’m leaving it the way it is—but I just remembered something. Probably the last early-morning call I got that broke through Do Not Disturb was the one summoning me to the facility where my dad was on the day he died. Good Lord. No wonder.

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