Friday, September 27, 2019

Still at my desk

Friday: 35 minutes sitting

Today I was a whole different uhhhh…meditation practitioner. Is the term yogi? Everything that went wrong yesterday went great today, and I decided it’s like that phenomenon where you set a really early alarm to get up to go to the airport only to wake up every hour worrying that it’s time. I started a 35-minute meditation at exactly 8:25 when I needed to be at my desk at 9, and my brain just couldn’t take the pressure. That’s my theory.

I’ve been making a point of taking Friday nights and Saturdays off, but I can’t possibly do that this week. Every time I look at my inbox I find another piece of work I’ve been neglecting (or have already missed a deadline on). Will be sure to resume having weekends when the current emergency passes.

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