Sunday, September 22, 2019

This is me trusting the process

Saturday: 30 minutes sitting
Sunday: 30 minutes sitting (in a chair)

My book says Stage Two is mastered “when episodes of mind-wandering are brief, while
your attention to the breath lasts much longer”—soooo, if you’re counting, I’m moving on to studying Stage Three. I don’t want to move beyond that until I’ve worked up to 45 minutes per meditation session, and right now I’ve been letting my physical tolerance for sitting dictate when I increase the length.

To quote the book again, eventually “sitting still becomes so deliciously pleasant that it takes an act of will to move.” In the meantime, though, I keep thinking maybe there’s some magical leg position or hip stretch that will keep my foot from falling asleep. Then I get fidgety worrying about whether I’ve got it right this time.

My goal for this week is to chill, trust that I will adapt, and increase my time a bit regardless of what happens.

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