Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wednesday: Bike 36 miles
Thursday: Run 5.5 miles, swim 3,300 yards

I'm going to start with a load of self-congratulations (deal with it).

I'm on Week 19 of this training plan now, and I'm hanging in there! I'm doing all the workouts at the right intensities, keeping up with yoga and a bit of strength training, following my plan to the letter. I can also tell that I'm getting stronger, and faster, and even a little thinner. I've learned how to manage those areas where I have potential for injury and am doing preventative maintenance.

I'm also managing everything else as well as I could have expected. I'm working a lot of hours, but keeping clients happy. I'm not leaving huge piles of my laundry and assorted junk all over the house. I attend swim meets. I take my grandmother shopping. Just yesterday I bailed out my sister by picking her kids up from kindergarten and watching them for an hour. Sometimes I even cook and help with the dishes. And every day I knock every single item off my Magic To-Do List (which I'll have to tell you all about sometime).

It's taken all the horsepower, willpower, and brain power I can muster to keep my life in this much order. And that's why I'm so worried about the next four weeks. There are some HUGE training weeks coming up. There are two, maybe three, swim meets. My workload is going to double, at least. And sometime amid all that chaos, I have to turn 40.

Could get ugly.

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  1. Firstly, you DESERVE that pat on the back Julie. Until you do it no one can appreciate how much you need to want it to keep all those balls in the air.

    And as they keep telling us in LE, just think about TODAY. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow isn't here. All you can control is Today. And "pretty good" consistently is better than 100% sometimes.