Monday, February 14, 2011

Bike shop adventures

Sunday: Swim 2,650 yards, yoga
Monday: Bike 21 miles

So my bike had been making a sort of roaring noise sometimes on the trainer, which was a little disconcerting. But since no one could seem to hear it but me, I just shrugged and turned up "Jane Eyre" a bit louder. Then Saturday night I noticed that the chain was rubbing in some places and that there were actually metallic-looking little bits of dust all over the floor under the bike. Huh. That can't be good!

So I took it to the local bike shop, and they told me my chain was "shot," "beyond repair," and at one point I think he even said "toast." I got a new one, and some instructions on how to take better care of it. I got the bike back on the trainer, and WOW does it pedal smoothly now. The difference is amazing, and I can't believe I never noticed before that my old chain felt like it was clogged with tar and playground gravel.

All was nice and smooth and quiet for a few minutes, and then ROOOOAAAAAAR. What is causing that awful sound?? And how long until spring??

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  1. Could be that the tension on your back tire is causing the noise. Sometimes if you've got it too loose ie. the rubber is just sorta making contact, it'll slip a bit. Try tightening a bit. Or loosening a bit.