Monday, February 28, 2011

Burning rest days

Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Rest

I was going to try to do a complete week of the training program straight through, in order, but I stumbled on the last day. I just couldn't find the time Sunday to do three straight hours of running and biking.

Or, to be a bit more forthright, I couldn't find three straight hours without sacrificing sleep, church, lunch out, yoga, or "The Amazing Race." I also took a trip with my husband and parents to see the inside of the house where I grew up, which is being sold and was having an open house. (It was a very pleasant day, actually, that day when I blatantly shirked all my training.)

Today I had a workalanche, and there honestly weren't three free hours (or three free minutes) to do any training. I will try again tomorrow, but I'm actually not all that hopeful.


  1. But how was the house? You know, for those of us who just had to look at the pictures online?

  2. Oh, it looked small, of course. The only time I felt "back home" was walking into the utility room, and peeking under the stairs. Those were the only things that hadn't been remodeled/recarpeted/repainted. Very weird.