Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's play "Analyze My Biking Form"!

Tuesday: Rest

I'm finally getting around to looking at the video of myself biking that my 12-year-old shot. My initial reaction is that my form looks fairly decent.* I do think I'm supposed to keep my feet more level, but my calves are really inflexible, and it puts so much stress on my shins. Any experienced riders want to weigh in? Does my seat need to move forward so my arms are at more of a 90-degree angle? Is my back OK with that slight rounding? Do you like my new calf compression sleeves? Do you think I should keep any more crap around the room where I'm training?

* To be more accurate, my initial reactions were, in order, "Ugh, I still have some weight to lose," and "I can't believe my hair is so frizzy." But now I think it just looks that way because of the baggy shirt and the frizzy hair. :)

P.S. I just messed with my blog settings to make it easier to comment, so if you've tried before and couldn't, try again now. I even removed the little prove-you-are-human requirement, so you're all on the honor system that you are human.


  1. I'd say that you need to bring your aerobars further back and/or your seat further forward. As a guide your knees should almost touch your elbows.

    Your seat *could* be raised a bit more or your stem lowered but your back is pretty close to flat. From what I've seen most women don't get nearly as flat as guys.

    If you want I can send this to my sons and they can weigh in?

  2. I have no comment on biking form but am psyched to able to comment as a non-human. Heh heh heh.

  3. Oooh, and as a bonus, you can guess who this is.

  4. Jen, thanks and please do! Expert input welcome.

    Anonymous, I'm getting a female vibe, and the use of the word "psyched" indicates you might be around my age. Also, no typos. A fellow editor? I would say Kellee, but the "heh heh heh" seems out of character. Am I close?

  5. Close, but think sister, not sister-in-law. :)

  6. That does narrow it down. Christine??

  7. this is from Jen son #1.

    how does it feel to you? youre gonna be on the bike for 180k... so is it comfortable now, or is this a new purchase and youre just "feelin" it out?

    to me, your seat looks like is should be moved a little bit, like, 5mm, so, 1/8 of an inch. try it, see what happens. (try it for multiple spinner sessions)

    if you can get more flexible lower your stem (the horizontal piece of metal that your bars are attached to) a little bit, that will help being more aero, tho, again see point #1, comfort!

    i think youre nearly there!

  8. Yep, that would be me. K just watched the video and thought you looked good. For what that's worth. :)

  9. Hi TJ, thanks for weighing in. I've been riding with basically this setup for quite a while, but I've never been what you would call comfortable. It was mostly the saddle that was bothering me, but I bought a new one and tipped it forward a touch, and now there seems to be more weight on my shoulders. Which is better, but now I'm really feeling that my arms aren't quite right. I will try your suggestions and see if that helps. Thanks!

  10. Hi Julie, Wife and I just move so I'm commenting a little late. I agree with Jen and TJ. You need to move the saddle forward. You look more aero than most people I see. Comfort always takes precedence over aero in my opinion unless you're trying to qualify for Kona. My bike racing friends always wanted me to get lower but none of them do a TT over 40K and they never run after the bike! I was curious, which Felt frame are you riding?

  11. From Cliff, Jen's son #2:

    My opinion is it looks like you are a toe pointer (bottom of your pedal stroke). Is that natural or is it because your seat is too low... You could try putting your seat up (when your seat goes up it should go ahead too). When you sit up your foot should be flat through the bottom of the stroke; so if by changing the seat height your calf is stretched then this will cause you grief down the road. Especially on a hilly bike ride (in and out of aero).

    Second thing is you may want to look into getting a woman specfic saddle. Helps keep you woman parts from being destroyed (lack of a better word).

  12. Greg: It's a Felt S32.
    Cliff: I think it's natural and not the seat, but maybe I'll try bringing it up a tiny bit to see if that makes a difference. I have an Adamo saddle now, and I'm pretty happy with it.

    And everyone: I moved my seat forward a bit today, and it feels much better! I might even try a bit more forward, because I still don't think my arms are at 90 degrees.