Monday, February 21, 2011

Plantar fasciitis, perhaps?

Monday: Yoga, swim 2,600 yards

I was really glad I didn't have to run today, because my heels needed a break. I finally Googled "heel pain" to see what might be wrong. Oh, duh. Plantar fasciitis. I already stretch my calves obsessively, and I am wearing little bags of ice in my slippers right this minute, so I'm totally on top of fixing this. I would be surprised if I already needed new running shoes, but that will be next on my list if it doesn't get better. I have a fresh pair standing by, so maybe I'll try those next time I run and see if they make me feel any springier.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my sister surprised me on my birthday with a gift certificate for a massage. I finally feel relaxed enough, workwise, to schedule it, so I popped into the massage therapist's office after my swim today and set it up for Friday. I've always wanted to try massage but could never justify spending the money, so this is a very exciting present.

This week I'm planning to do the workouts in the exact order they appear on the training schedule, including the third swim, just because I can. I don't think it matters that much that I do them out of order, but I might as well stick to the plan when possible, right?


  1. What a nice present. Enjoy the massage.

  2. What a great sister! Aren't you so lucky? I bet she has a wise husband who would suggest such a thing. :) And, I bet your husband is wise who would encourage such things when asked for advice.