Monday, February 7, 2011


Monday: Bike 48 miles, run 4 miles

I was working on deadline all morning, and I had to laugh when my husband kindly brought up some lunch for me to eat at my desk: a giant spinach salad with turkey, a hard-boiled egg, and tons of veggies. Hey, just what I needed! The total opposite of yesterday's menu! What delicious penance.

This was Massive Workout #1 for Week 20, three hours of biking and 50 minutes of running. I'm really glad to have it under my belt. I admit there were some moments when I really wanted off the bike (and then really wanted off the treadmill), but I hung in there, and afterward I felt not too bad. Actually, I could even say I felt…after my four-hour workout…fine. Hungry, but fine. This is so weird.

I did move my seat forward, since that was the unanimous recommendation from the video I posted. You guys are so smart. It was a big improvement! I think I might even nudge it a bit farther, actually.

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