Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Since our minivan stubbornly refused to reenact its funny noises and disturbing lurches in front of the repair shop people, and since we were good and sick of South Dakota, we decided to risk the drive home. We made it all the way to Sheridan, Wyoming, before hearing our first ominous CLUNK, and we were literally cresting the final hill prior to descending into Billings before the car shuddered to a complete stop.

First of all, I'm extremely thankful that:
  1. We made it as far as we did.
  2. My parents live within rapid rescuing range.
  3. The car died someplace with cell service.
  4. The car died during auto repair shop business hours, on a weekday.
  5. It was not 110 degrees outside.
But we still came home one hot, sticky, stinky, miserable, exhausted, and about-to-be-broke family. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to ease back into working out again, but I'm really glad I have "Recently completed an Ironman" as an excuse to not attempt it just yet.


  1. Very glad you made it home safely!

  2. Clunk is a a very bad sound. Did it lurch more before that? I am very curious about the diagnosis and sympathetic to your plight.