Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Finally got a car report: A pin(?) came loose in the differential(?) and banged around the transmission, destroying it. So now we need a new one. Forgive me, I don't know anything about cars, and it's been 20 whole minutes since I was informed of this diagnosis; I could have it wrong. The part about needing a new transmission is right, though.

And I finally figured out the problem with summer (besides overly busy auto repair shops): The early, early mornings and late, late evenings are the best times of day, and you definitely want to be awake for them. (Not that you have much choice. The heat keeps you from going to bed, and the birds keep you from staying in bed. Not to mention a little something called 18 hours of daylight.) But that leaves you chronically under-rested.

I guess I'm really not the first person to deduce this, since the solution is well known and time honored. Just don't call me this afternoon, because I may be lying under a big sombrero, trying it out.


  1. Pleasant Dreams! You could come here, the high today will be 60°.

    As for the car...bummer!

  2. oh yah. TOTALLY all about the siestas. yup.

  3. Oh sorry. Transmissions are expensive. Do you have grounds to complain to the first place for missing this?

  4. The Spanish were on to something wise to have a time in the afternoon to rest and relax. Wish we would instigate the same practice.