Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stranded but Making the Best of It

My son's swim meet went well, and the "Swim for the Win" sign earned me an extra hug. Now if we could just escape from this town.

Our car started making funny noises and doing funny lurches on Saturday, and by Sunday we were kind of afraid to drive it any more. It seemed like a transmission problem, but since it was the Fourth of July weekend (of course), we weren't able to get it in anywhere until this morning.

We decided to make the best of being stranded in Rapid City, South Dakota, by pretending it was a vacation and doing all the touristy junk they have in the Black Hills. We rented a car, and so far we've seen Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, ridden an alpine slide, played miniature golf, done a human-scale maze, and toured a cave. Oh, and ice cream. Lots of ice cream.

Now the initial report from the transmission repair shop is that they can't find anything wrong with it (of course). I'm about ready to risk driving it across the desolate stretch of Wyoming that we will have to cross to get home just so we can escape from this humidity and the crappy Super 8 we had to move into. Also, I packed for a three-day trip and this is Day 5, and I would really enjoy some clean clothes.

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  1. Hmmmmm. I had a car that made strange sounds like that; I drove it back to OR from WA and it seemed okay but 3 weeks later it committed suicide; stranding me on a strange highway in the middle of the night. It was an electrical problem, not a transmission problem, but it sure did sound like the tranny.

    Hope you make it home soon and safe.