Monday, March 12, 2012

Cake time

So when I said I was "giving up sugar until the next family birthday," you all knew I meant just until I had to make the first cake to celebrate said birthday, right? Cake, ice cream, AND pizza arrived last night at Party #1, so all bets are off from now until the cake, ice cream, and pizza from Party #3 are eaten, sometime next week.

(Somewhere between Party #2 and Party #3, my baby turns 14. Oh my.)

The weather has gotten pretty nice here, and I cannot WAIT until my two big current projects wrap up. When that happens, I'm going to walk 8 miles outside every doggone day.


  1. Frankly, it's painful as the aunt to have your oldest nephew turn 14 (am I really that old?) so I imagine it's even worse as the mom. Jenny said to me the other day that he will be in HS next year and I nearly fell over from surprise ...

  2. Technically it's THIS year.

    Just because I like freaking you out.

  3. Since he's 2 years younger than my GRANDDAUGHTER (talk about a freak out) his turning 14 doesn't make me feel any older than the oldness I feel just because I am.