Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coupla flops

I've been trying to find something Paleo to put in the kids' lunchboxes ever since I took away their tortilla chips, and today I invented a recipe for nut crackers. Unfortunately, no child will ever bring them to school in a lunchbox, because, although quite tasty, they came out not so much crackers as crumbs. I did at least save the crumbs. They might make an interesting topping for something.

With that experiment firmly in the "not-a-complete-failure" column, I went on to take another stab at Paleo pizza crust, this one mostly eggs. It was just meh. I have a recipe for a cauliflower-based crust I'm interested in trying next, but all of these involve a ton of work, and my husband is not a fan of the fake pizza anyway. It might be time to just admit defeat and let him take me out to Old Chicago once a month for my fix.

I'm guessing my kitchen experimenting has come to an end for a while anyway. Dopey just dropped a 500-page book on me, Doc and Bashful's various projects are ongoing, and Sneezy never, ever stops sending me horrible stuff to work on. (Suck it up, buttercup. This is what you do.)


  1. Not sure where Paleo stands on chickpeas but if they're allowed you gotta try this Farinata:

    I use it as a base for pizza and it rocks the free world. I alternate between chickpea/quinoa flours. Chickpea is creamier. Quinoa has less impact w/toppings.

  2. Yeah, Paleo is anti-chickpea, but I might be even more anti-chickpea. I have never been able to stand them! I'm sure it's a huge step up over flour, though, nutritionally.