Monday, March 26, 2012

9 a.m. Monday yoga

I hadn't made it to the 9 a.m. Monday yoga class in quite a while. I knew it was a great one, but there's just something about getting up Monday morning, contemplating my busy calendar for the week, and then washing my hands of it and heading straight to yoga that makes me feel too much like a slacker.

Well, I felt like a slacker before the class, anyway. During the class, which was some kind of crazy, fast-paced yoga/aerobics/strength training hybrid, I felt like a yoga-doing beast. (And after the class, I got up to leave but fell back down into a sweaty, quivering heap because of the massive head rush.) I honestly don't think I've worked out that hard since the days of Ironman training, but it was really, really, really fun.

Although eating better has been great, I feel like I've not really been doing the exercise side of things justice. Enough of this one-yoga-class a week thing. From now on, I want to do all the yoga.

P.S. I had a fun day off, but we decided to go out and make some large purchases we had been postponing. Nothing like spending almost $3,000 on Sunday afternoon to send you scurrying back to your place of livelihood on Monday morning. (Right after yoga, obviously.)

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