Friday, March 16, 2012

Night of a million teens

Slumber parties make me edgy.

There are six 14-year-old boys in my basement right now, playing loud music and some shoot-'em-up video game I probably shouldn't be allowing, although I'm not actually going to go down there to see. They yell a lot, and most of them are bigger than I am. Every loud thump and shout makes me fear for their safety and my possessions.

I know I need to relax. I should have learned a long time ago that with boys, it's never as bad as it sounds. These are very nice kids. It's only that they're young and loud and sugared up. I just wish I wasn't hosting so I could leave, is all.


  1. Relax! Two thoughts of consolation: (1) not yet old enough to have drivers' licenses; (2) not girls!

  2. Oh my, I really hate that kind of thing too.

  3. 1. good kids = better than it sounds. PS, if I survived you can too.