Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mik's swim practice yesterday was at the same time as Shakespeare in the Park, so I decided to let him skip it and come swim with me at the gym instead. I wrote us a workout geared toward rocking the 200 IM, since it's the first event for both of us at the meet this weekend, and it's also Mik's best chance of qualifying for state.

The main set was sprint 50s on 3:00, and I thought it would be fun if we alternated—I'd go first, and then he'd try to beat my time. I figured it would be motivating for him, since he would be faster than me in just about everything.

Well! That didn't quite work out. He did really well, but I crushed all my expected times. I did a 50 fly in 38 seconds, which is almost as fast as I was doing freestyle last week (and faster than I was doing it during my Ironman training). And I hit 34 seconds in the 50 free, which made me really happy. I still wonder if I could get under 30 seconds with a real start, but the masters 50 free at the Big Sky State Games didn't work out for me schedule-wise; it's at the same time as Mik's triathlon. I was thinking about taking the first 50 of the 200 free all out, doing a hard finish, and seeing what my split is, but that seems a bit overly…dramatic, don't you think?


  1. Do you need the "hard" finish time for a specific reason? If not, I'm sure your cheering section can give you a soft split time as you go into your flip. It would be interesting if you go all out for the first 50 how your splits maintain for the rest of the 200 swim.
    BTW, I really believe it's the yoga and your increased flexibility that make the swimming times better.

  2. No, I just want a semi-official time to see if I can break 30, because it would be close. I actually think I have the primal eating to thank; I did yoga for quite a while without seeing any swimming improvement. But who knows? I'll take it.

  3. Yes, what you are eating is probably making you faster too. When you were doing yoga before you were also tearing down your muscles with your training. You took a year-long taper. :-)

    Maybe you'll break 30 with a flip, you never know....